I am what I ...



     Hi! I am Cici Ling (凌晨), I am currently a master student in Computer Science @ UIUC. I received my bachelor’s degree in Art History and my wonderful boyfriend Pipixia from Tsinghua University. I would like to combine my algorithm knowledge with visual art skill to explore in Psychology field.

     I was born and raised in Shanghai, and I have lived in Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Hongkong for education and work afterwards. My background may explain my long-time interest in studying culture, social role, attachment, and inter-group stereotype.

     Between the gap of my education, I worked as a financial derivatives trader. This experience inspired my passion in investigating social affect dynamics. I have conducted several experiments with my collaborators. The typical questions that I am trying to answer are:

- How emotions regulated by the interaction with people?
- What visibility clue influence people's feeling?
- What is the mechanism of visual information's impact on people's emotions and decisions?

     In addition to academics, I have been trained rigorously in piano and ballet for over 10 years. But I would rather describe myself as a vivid swimmer and a meme generator. ︎